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Being an Indie writer, having the right editor is a must. Faith Williams came highly recommended to me. I've had Faith Williams edit several of my manuscripts and found her to be professional, consistent and competent. I have been extremely pleased with the results. I look forward to continue working with Faith on my future manuscripts. - Jerri Hines, Ruse of Love

While I was going through the query process to acquire an agent, I knew that I had to find an editor for my flagship agented fiction, Elixir Quest. A peer recommended Faith Williams from the Atwater Group, so I contacted her. Faith is very professional and was willing to encourage me while in the process of editing. Since that time, I've given up on agented publishing and have pursued self-publishing through Amazon and CreateSpace. Faith has edited my eight books, and I am pleased with the work. I currently recommend her to peers and customers. I'm sure that you'll be pleased as well. - Sean Walton, IAS Publishing, LLC

I have many beta readers, but my books still had typographical and grammar problems. The Atwater Group made all the difference, bringing all seven of my books so far to a new level. Faith is great to work with, personable and professional. She brings consistency and clarity to my work at a reasonable price. I highly recommend Faith Williams at the Atwater Group. - Theresa Ragan, Abducted, Return of the Rose, A Knight In Central Park

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value
Faith copy-edited my first business book; I could not be more pleased with the results. She went over my manuscript with a fine tooth comb and provided me with a final draft that was much better than my initial expectations. She also provided general comments regarding the style of my manuscript that allowed me to present my work in the most professional manner possible. I will absolutely be using her services again for my next title. - Paul W. Swaney III, Cultural Kaizen

Hire a proofreader and copy editor, who knew?  As a new author, it was all so overwhelming.  Faith took my manuscript and made it the work of a professional.  She was precise, helpful and confidence boosting. In the end, I was so very proud of my "baby," Soul Witness.  She was ready for the world.  Thank you, Faith.  I look forward to our next delivery. - Daria Buczynski, Soul Witness

I am lucky to have Faith (Williams) as my editor. She is a gifted editor. She is incredibly thorough, professional and reliable. She is a great asset to have on my team. Did I mention that she is a delightful person to work with? - J. S. Scott, NY Times & USA Today bestselling Romance Author.
New to self-publishing, I attempted to cut corners by having my novel edited by friends and family.   The initial reviews on Amazon were “great storyline but book needs to be edited better.”  It was obvious, to be a successful writer, I could not continue with cutting corners. Searching through blogs of other authors, I came across the name Faith Williams from the Atwater Group and immediately went to the website.  From the very first contact with Faith via email, I was hooked.  Her level of commitment to the Indie author, professionalism, and editing skills far surpassed my expectations.  Faith not only edited my third novel but I asked her to go back and edit the first two.  I am currently working on my fifth novel and Faith has become an integral part of my self-publishing process.  I truly feel it is because of her skills as an editor that I am succeeding as an author today. - Kelly Ilebode
My experience working with Faith Williams of the Atwater Group was ideal. Her knowledge and attention to detail made me feel confident that the final version of my work was the very best it could be.  I feel confident in recommending Faith's literary services. She is not only thorough, but also easy to work with, and always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and respond to questions. - Jessica Koopmans, Inheritance of the Heart

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